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Whether you’re going for the natural look or urban-chic, the Eames Lounge chair replica is a major investment, and since it is intended to last quite a long time, choosing the right leather-veneer combination is important.

The great thing about the Barcelona Designs Eames Lounge Chair replica is the options that you get by completely customizing its look. Our Eames Lounge Chair replica comes in six different colors of upholstered leather. When you pick the shading that best fits your interior design needs, you have the choice of individualizing your lounge chair further, deciding the outer and partly the inner chair’s makeup.

Eames Lounge Chair

Choosing The Best Plywood Veneers and Leathers for the Eames Lounge Chair

This lounge chair and ottoman will come in your choice of upholstered leather type and wooden veneer. There are three types of leather for you to pick: the basic, Italian and aniline leather. The wooden veneers come in two varieties: Palisander and walnut wood.

Deciding on a combination of color, leather type, and veneer will stem from your personal preference. It should fit your indoor area best, complimenting the Eames Lounge Chair replica the most aptly. It is essential to know how each variety of materials makes them differ. 

Basic leather is not just ecologically accommodating, it is budget-friendly too, as this leather makes up the least expensive Eames lounge replica. An upgraded leather option is that of Italian leather, composed of bigger full-grains. These leathers are reaped from rawhides, wiping out the need for sanding, which removes flaws.

Eames Lounge Chair

The last and unquestionably not least quality of the leather is aniline leather. This top-notch leather has been treated with aniline dye to upgrade the delicateness and surface of the cowhide. Aniline renders a gentler composition but it also makes for breathability of the calfskin, which thus permits it to withstand both cool and warm temperatures without contorting its shape. Aniline cowhide is likewise the shiniest kind of calfskin, with a sparkle that makes a recently cleaned show pale in comparison.

As for the wooden veneers, Palisander and walnut have noticeably distinctive hues and linear (the dark lines on the wood) designs. Palisander arrives in a ruddier, red-cocoa shading and is noted for its delightful odor. Palisander wood is the darker of the two and is a heavier wood, solidified for durability. Walnut wood is the lighter decision, with a dim chestnut, beige-like tint. Walnut wood is versatile and varied. It additionally copies the shade of a walnut, hence its name.