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When buying either one of these items you might feel compelled to compare them against each other. Even though they are distinctively differentiated, they are the two best-selling lounge chairs in the mid-century modern furniture landscape. Which one should you buy? Which one is the best for you? Deciding on an Eames lounge chair replica versus a Womb chair with ottoman replica can be very hard for some people, so let’s look at each one and decide which is the best of the two.

Eames Lounge chair replica with ottoman

The first thing that comes to people’s minds when thinking about mid-century modernism. The icon of the movement in America and probably, to a lesser extent, in Europe. We make our Eames Lounge chair replica with the same manufacturing standards as the original. Still in production, an original Eames Lounge chair can cost you about $6,000. Our Eames lounge chair replica will cost you about $1,200, depending on the model you choose. Top-quality materials, and same measurements and final design as the original chair. This is the one people come to buy, so it should be the best one, right?

However, sales of the Womb chair have been increasing enough to catch up to the sales numbers of the Eames lounge chair replica, particularly in the last couple of years. So, this means that the Womb chair replica is just as coveted as the Eames lounge chair for newer customers. It’s clearly increasing in popularity. This might have to do with the fact that the Womb chair replica offers another unique seating experience, and has a different size that is more palatable for younger audiences.

In any case, you know that the Eames lounge chair replica comes with high-grade premium Aniline leather, the best of its kind, and also your choice of Palisander and Walnut wood. The cushions are interchangeable and the shock mounts are silicone, which lasts longer. This chair, at this point, sells itself, so how can the Womb chair and replica even compete?

Womb chair and ottoman replica

Many people see this chair as the eternal second choice. The Womb chair is still something that many customers who’ve heard about the Eames lounge chair don’t know about, and usually see for the first time at the showroom. However, with online purchasing becoming more widespread, a new generation of customers is making more research before buying, and this had led many of them to consider the Womb chair as opposed to the Eames lounge chair. They are attracted by its minimalist and more biomorphic look, and its size makes it more favorable for smaller spaces. People who live in apartments might consider a Womb chair with ottoman replica as a more flexible choice than the Eames lounge chair.

It is made of premium wool, fiberglass, and steel, following the original manufacturing practices and the same passion for craftsmanship. The cushions are also interchangeable and made with the same quality, and the frame measurements are the same as the original. There is no question as to why it would be attractive for new buyers.


In any case, we believe that both of these lounge chairs deserves its own pool of clients. We are happy than happy to showcase the similarities between the two in terms of quality, so we could not pick one above the other. But you can. It is on your best interest to get informed about how each of them work. In the end, your satisfaction with the product depends on it.

This is why we encourage you to read more in previous articles, that you can find right here on the blog. All of our best-sellers have a very rich history to them, and are individual icons that most people usually associate together.