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living room design with barcelona collection

Designing a balanced interior design means finding from the perfect color palette for making a room looks beautiful and warm to finding the throw pillows to complement furnishing. It includes plenty of things and is essential to be aware of every detail.

An example of this is the fact that is almost unbelievable how much window treatments influence the interior design of any room. Imagine how your living room – just for making an example- will look without shapes or curtains, it doesn’t seem properly, right?

The living room -and more these days where we are in isolation- is often the room you and your family use the most to hanging and do things like watch TV, play games, homework, and so on. 

Having said that, taking the time to find the right drapes to match your Barcelona sofa and the whole style of your living room is the most appropriate thing to do. Spending a little time planning and taking some guidance, your room can feel like it was professionally designed.

And that’s what we’ll show you today! A brief orientation to choose the curtains that match your furniture such as your Barcelona sofa.

Choose your favorite style

Analyze your current style -in case you have it already- and establish which type do you have or even want. This will helps you decide what type of drapes work best on your Barcelona sofa.

To give you a better idea, the style of your room could be mid-century modern, traditional, eclectic, romantic, etc.

Define how much lighting you want

This is the second step to follow! Select the color and materials of the curtains according to the amount of light you want to enter the room and the type of atmosphere you want this room to acquire.

Now that you know the main two steps let’s dive into specific examples, showing which color you can choose when you have a black or white Barcelona sofa:

White Barcelona sofa & furniture is the easiest to match

If you have a white living room (walls and furniture) is very easy to match your curtains!

Imagine it like a blank canvas where you can experiment with plenty of options. 

First, you can try to place warm colors to contrast the current ones, this would help you create a calm and relaxing environment. If you are more of a risky person, bet on bright colors such as green, blue or even red. There are many curtains that come in abstract and exotic shapes, a white living room can afford it!

Try patterned curtains with black Barcelona sofa and dark furniture

When having dark furniture you should do a quick survey to identify three different colors that could complement them. For example, with a black Barcelona sofa, cool color shades like purple and light blue could help you to create an extremely soothing atmosphere. If you want to bid for something more animated, try with curtains with floral patterns and geometric forms.

Which was your favorite example? Comment below!