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Barcelona Chair

If you are thinking to improve or renovate your room, the first thought that has to cross your mind is “Keep calm and watch”. There are a lot of resources and actions to do, before going wildly shopping furniture or art wall. And the Barcelona Collection may help you.

It’s important to notice from the start what is the extent of your work: do you want just to improve, or you want to make a total shake-up? Depending on the case you can allocate your resources better. Let’s see:

Case 1: Decluttering and Organize

It’s amazing how can a room improve, just by a good, deep cleaning an decluttering. And it can be very obvious for you. Accumulation and hoarding may really get out of control very fast, and the results of prolonged hoarding are disastrous, not only damaging the aesthetics of your room, but with the hazards associated with grime, junk and insects, among others. 

So, apart from a nice habit, decluttering and organizing may be good for your room. Rediscovering your place and seeing it clean and organized will always be pleasant to your eye. And it will only require your individual work and low budget for cleaning articles and maybe some file boxes (hopefully).

Case 2: low impact redo. 

There are specific, single actions that may have a significant effect on your room. The classic example is painting it. Once painted, every room is born again, like a blank canvas. you can take the opportunity to introduce some accents with the help of painting to create particular effects. For example, you can get an accent wall just by painting a very well delimited wall, with a strong color. This creates tension and remarks the limits of the room. If your ceiling is too high, you can paint it with a solid color, too, and you’ll create a more intimate place.

But painting your walls is not the only low-impact thing you can do. Getting rid of furniture you don’t use and bringing in furniture from other spaces in your house, is an alternative, for sure. Don’t be afraid of go hunting in your own space. Maybe that nightstand in the bedroom is exactly what you need in your living room, or that beloved Barcelona Chair you were thinking of is the final cherry you need in your recently painted accent wall.

You may consider to bring home some minor furniture item, or some decor article. Once your bedroom is clean and painted of immaculate white, you realize that the only thing missing is a Barcelona Ottoman at the right side of This strategy has a low budget impact an requires some personal effort, too.

Case 3: Renovation. 

But if you consider that a simple rearrangement is not enough, and your room requires a total renovation, go for it. You should assign a budget, and keep in mind that buying furniture and replacement will be your first priority. Take it with calm and do it with love. Look over the style you want, and figure out your trend before buying that desired Barcelona Sofa you always wanted, for example. Measure, go step by step, and you will have the room that you deserve. Here are some basic tips:

  • Discover your style.
  • Measure your space properly.
  • Do you have Kids, Cats, Dogs, Alligators?
  • Ask for a sample of the fabric you chose
  • Purchase

Once you have all the information required, go on ! buy in the best store you find, the furniture that make you dream. The Barcelona Collection is one of your better choices for a integral, beautiful and coherent renovation to set a elegant Mid Century Modern living room.

For inspo, info and great offers in furniture, don’t miss the oportunity in Barcelona Design, the alternative for Mid Century Modern style furniture, with masterpieces like the Barcelona Sofa  or the Hans Wegner Shell Chair.