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Barcelona chair and its appeal

Let’s start with an interesting fact about this lovely icon, the truth is that it was first created to attend the Barcelona World’s Fair German Pavilion (that’s where its name comes from), they were specifically used by the Spanish king and queen during an inaugural ceremony.

As they were made for the purpose mentioned, its design was inspired in the x-shaped folding chairs used by Egyptian rulers Greek gods and mortal rulers, and Roman magistrates. That’s one of the reasons why it was so attractive to people at that time.

And is still is!

The appeal in nowadays has perhaps doesn’t change as we all love the minimalist forms and exquisitely refined details that this style represents. This iconic expresses a visual harmony using high-quality materials.

“No design is possible until the materials with which you design are completely understood”

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Nowadays the Barcelona chair comes in different presentations; the original piece and replica. Today before showing the interior designs we are going to describe some features of the Barcelona chair replica because if you are on a budget this may be a great option for you!

Features of the Barcelona Chair replica

  • 100% Full Grain Premium-Italian Leather upholstery, exclusively hand-picked by expert mid-century craftsmen.
  • The cushioned surface features individually cut and sewn leather panels for optimum detailing.

The Chair Cushions are made using High-Density Foam.

  • Cushion foam is wrapped in Synthetic Silk underneath the leather upholstery to allow airflow.
  • The frame is constructed from a superior grade single-piece stainless steel block for ultimate durability, stronger support, and resistance to chipping, corrosion, and rust;

Interior designs token from Pinterest that you can take as inspiration

This is one of the favorites ways to include the Barcelona chair in the interior design; in the living room and next to its twin. You know what they say, two is better than one!

As you can see the color chosen -the toast one- is matching with the flooring and with the beautiful and tiny coffee table. The designer in someway is letting to the Barcelona chair be the star in the arrangement he made because if you look a bit deeper the sofa is white so it it camouflages with the walls.

Credit: The Study

This time, unlike the previous one, the floor does not match the chair, it actually has a completely different color, it also has the details perfectly positioned creating a harmonious space.

What you can learn about this particular arrangement is that you need to place other accents in the same material as the chair legs; chrome steel to be specific. In this way, you will highlight this beautiful material that is one of the attractions of this particular chair.


Credit: Knoll

This design speaks for itself, the arc lamp, the carpet and the color palette used is simply magical.