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Besides our impressive arsenal of Barcelona furniture, Barcelona Designs offers other tasteful furniture for your entire home, including unique pieces to decorate your living room. You can mix and match with Barcelona pieces, or set up your living room with other collections or individual pieces.  If you’re short on ideas on how to configure your living room, take a look below. In the following scenarios, each living room is stocked with our various furniture.

Bauhaus Sofa Galore:

This set-up is very collection oriented, as it features a complete set up of Le Corbusier’s LC furniture. The LC line is also known as carrying the distinct Bauhaus style and is often referred to as Bauhaus furniture. In the LC line, geometry plays a central role, in that each piece is square like, rectangular or cubical, with razor-sharp edges. Adding to the cool-factor are the steel frames. Without the standard coffee table in the middle, this room uses the black rug as a kind of centerpiece. The Eileen Grey side table is a nice touch, with its metal framing and translucent table top that complements the sofa and loveseats, known as the LC5 and LC3, respectively.

Beloved Chairs:

Besides upping the style with a pink chandelier, this living rom infuses different high profile chairs. Nestled in between is the loft sofa, which smartly uses pink cushions to match the bold color of the chandelier. The small glass coffee is the perfect display place for flowers, which also subtly compliment the pinkness. The color is then toned down on the Swan chair replica, both of which are black. This living makes good use of sitting varieties while also implementing different lighting fixtures; notice the lamps behind the sofa. To fully be rid of banality, an oddly-shaped rug does the trick.

This living room positions several excellent furniture pieces like the wooden side table, a wooden coffee table, a loft couch and two varieties of chairs. This indoor space, which is not limited to the living room only, is highly reliant on wooden accents, with wood being present in the ceilings, walls and floors. While, you don’t need to settle into a wooden area for this furniture setup, it helps from a matching standpoint to include furniture with similar material. On the differential front, the lounge chairs provide the room with a leather tone. This setup also shows how the molded plywood chairs are not just side chairs to leave around the house; they can hold up as the main pieces as well.

Even with the couch facing backwards towards the onlooker in this photo, the beauty of the room is still in clear view. The Womb Chair and ottoman are an important contributor to this living room, with its striking red color and large, rounded body. With no other chair or couch, the Arco lamp works as an immaculate addition to this room, as both a lighting fixture and as a space filler. The Eileen Grey Side table wraps up the room. Simple, yet gorgeous. The fireplace in the back does not hurt either, and as this setup shows, wooden furniture is not necessary to go with the wooden wall.