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It may look like a obvious question in the beginning, but some people tend to ask about the need of a living room in in your house, and if its really a request for every home to have one.

Every home is different and they will use some spaces more intensely than others, but the current classic distribution of homes (living room, bedroom, kitchen and diner room, to say the elemental ones), responds to very basic human needs that barely change with time. A human being sleeps, eats and socialize, and that’s why this rooms exists in the first place.

If I don’t receive  anybody at home, why do I need a living room?

That’s a very risky phrase, even if it has some true in it. Maybe you don’t have a busy social life, and maybe you live alone, but from time to time there is a need to open the door of your house for relatives or strangers.

In that case, you will need a minimal living room. Why?.  First of all, you can’t receive guests and people in your own bedroom or kitchen, because it makes you vulnerable; besides that you probably wouldn’t have enough seats available in both rooms. Second: You can’t receive a guest or have a necessary chat outside of your house, at the expenses of bad weather, security and the public scrutiny.

So, OK. I need a living room. But Do I really need al that stuff and furniture?

We must start from the point of view that virtually every home need of one place common, where they can speak to each other or to receive and chat with guests or relatives.

So, if this is the need that originates a living room, the main furniture  articles must allow us to receive and talk with guests in a comfortable way. This means: Seats.

There is no rule about the mandatory use of sofas, but is you will receive some people, and if you want to maximize the use of your space, the smartest way of doing it, is with a piece of furniture with the max number of seats in the min space. And that is a sofa.

Around the sofa you will align the rest of your furniture, depending on your particular configuration. A single chair, a loveseat, a coffee table, a rug, and some optional accessories: Ottomans, A bench, side tables and side lamps.

It is important to consider some architectural spots that define our space, like a fireplace or a pillar or a column and organize our furniture around it. But Most of the main furniture has little variations.

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