Advertising is the way great brands get to be great brands.
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It was 1979, in a era pre – Ipod; pre – walkman. For  music lovers, the cassette player was king. The cassette was a little plastic box holding a rolled magnetized tape to record and listening music, and every respected music lover had tons of them.  You can listen two LPs (long play record) in each side of a cassette, so people tried to get the most of your beloved tapes.

That year, Maxell released its worldwide famous “Blown Away  Guy”. The commercial, that was designed for different media was a great success,  and became a classic of advertisement.  A “Mr. Cool” guy , comfortably seated enjoys of the superb  quality of its Maxell’s tape  while the great power of music made it look like  receiving a massive breeze of good music, emphasizing the High Fidelity experience.

In the Ad, Mr Cool guy was seated very comfortable in a LC2 Chair.

The ad became a classic American image portraying a cool guy enjoying the experience of listening to music. It is still popular, and its iconic image is easily recognizable.

This success is characteristic of the LC2 Chair. A piece of design in the middle of a classic furniture collection. Designed in 1928 by Le Corbusier, the LC2 Chair is the prototype of a modern chair. With a revolutionary design, with its stainless steel frame on  the outside,

this armchair was exhibited at the Salon d’Automne in Paris in 1929, as an archetype of the modern conception of furniture, dubbed “domestic equipment” by its creators.

The LC collection

The LC Collection was born taking into practice a whole series of principles elaborated along with Charlotte Perriand, and verted in their book L’Art Décoratif d’aujourd’hui, in 1925. In its work, Le Corbusier exposed its influential ideas about the three types of different furniture: Type Need, Type Furniture, and Human Limb Objects.  Furniture must act as Human Limb Objects, adapting to the human body as a docile, discrete, good servant.

The LC Collection really knows on how to server your body not only with servility, but with comfort and style. Formed by at least 19 items, its more recognizable and popular elements are the seat solutions, like the LC1 Chair, and the LC2 Chair and Sofa.

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