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The Eames Aluminum Group of office chairs, also known as the Alu Group of office chairs, was conceived by Charles and Ray Eames in 1958. The first prototypes were actually intended for home use, as longtime friend and fellow architect Alexander Girard wanted a lightweight task chair that he could put in a new home that he was designing. There was a lot of trial and error to create the final design: the one that would grow to become one of the best-selling office chair models in history.

Widely regarded as a masterpiece the very year it was released, the Alu Group was a deviation from the norm, as most Eames designs tended to be, but still retained an understanding of what people were looking for in a chair at the time. The Eameses were preoccupied with functionality and comfort, and they believed design had to be a marriage of aesthetic and function. From their creation, there have been a lot of knockoffs and otherwise so-called Eames office chairs that only resemble the original in a vague manner. At Barcelona Designs, we have four models, and this is how you should go about choosing one of them for your office, or any kind of workspace.

The Eames Softpad Management Chair

First and foremost, you have the softpad management chair. This one might not be as recognizable as the ribbed-back design that actually became the poster child for the Eames office chair, the one that was recreated many times by other companies and that you can see in many forms in various offices (usually designed on its own and not as a real reproduction of the Eameses work).

This chair might be great for home office spaces. It is a little shorter in width and length than the others, which means that you can squeeze it into any kind of home office. You can get it in both black and white, and both options will be made from Italian aniline leather, best of its kind. The black version sells for $399, while the white version sells for $449 because of manufacturing costs. We recommend that you get the classic black version if you choose this model.

The Eames Softpad Executive Chair

This chair does deviate a little from the original design, but it offers a high-back that is greatly suited for any kind of office. Don’t worry about the ‘executive’ part, this chair is not just for people in high places. Anyone can enjoy the ergonomic benefits of the padded high back, which might be a little more noticeable on this particular model.

The price range remains the same, so you can get an executive chair (if you have the space) for the same price as you would get the shorter Management chair. How cool is that? Remember that you can also get 10% off your purchase by using the promo code that appears on the homepage. Just refresh the page if you missed it! It’s a great opportunity to save yourself some money and get a gorgeous executive chair.

The Eames Ribbed Management and Executive chairs

This is the classic rendition of the original Eames creation for 1958. Extremely iconic and timeless, and probably the choice of someone who values the aesthetic just as much as the functionality. You have two models, both going out at $389 (black) and $419 (white), and you’re getting a natural kind of recline and comfort that’s great for people with back problems, especially in the Executive model.

These chairs are the best-selling office chairs from Barcelona Designs, and they pay homage to the original designs laid out by Charles and Ray Eames in 1958. You might think: how such an old design has survived without being changed for more than 60 years? Get yourself one of these chairs and try it out, you’ll instantly understand why they are so prevalent.