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If you haven’t bought furniture online yet, this is the guide for you! Check this great example of the process of acquiring a Barcelona chair.

Doing anything for the very first time can be quite challenging because it’s hard to trust and understand the epoch that we are going through, especially when there is money involved. 

Buying online is easier than you may think it is, the key is to find friendly websites and follow some tips to make this process as simple as it can. 

The following tips have helped me a lot when it comes to purchasing items online, from things as small as jewelry to larger things like furniture. To make this easy to understand I will describe a specific example related to the title you saw above.


Let’s think that you want to acquire the iconic Barcelona chair for the first time, what do you do

Define the category of the article

As you already know the Barcelona chair is a piece of furniture, but it is possible to be even more specific than this. In addition to being a piece of furniture, you can also define the style of the piece of furniture that is (industrial, minimalist, etc.), in this case, it is a mid-century piece of furniture

Start looking for reviews on popular blogs or forums

The Barcelona chair is a very famous icon and reviews and opinions abound on where to buy it and its quality. My personal favorite option is forums because real people write about their real experience and share amazing advice.

Try to check at forums like Quora, Reddit & Imgur. | For Interior design and furniture: Apartment Therapy & Houzz.

Create a locker if you are in a different country

If you are outside the country where the store you want to choose is located or have already chosen, you have to create a locker in your city where the items will be delivered. Try to select the closest courier to your home, in this way you can save time and money.

Final tips

After your research you may have a large list of the possible store, select the one that fits you better considering the next two simple things: verify that the website is friendly and try to choose the one that offers customer support. 

Reliables websites to buy the Barcelona chair

Considering our earlier example of purchasing mid-century modern furniture, specifically the Barcelona chair, you can select through a couple of websites, but some of the most reliable are below:

  1. Barcelona Designs: here you will find amazing replicas of famous designers like Mies van der Roge or Charles and Ray Eames, that’s why is a great place to acquire a Barcelona chair replica, a good option if you have on a budget!
  2. Knoll: this website is the original seller of furniture like Barcelona chair, what you should consider before buying in this website is that they offer only original pieces, which means that the price could be a bit unaffordable for some people.
  3. 1stdibs: another example of original furniture, this is a second option if you don’t like the Knoll website.