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Living room

If you’re on the lookout for a good addition to your home, today is your lucky day. We’d like to talk to you about the Barcelona bench replica, a fundamental part of our famous Barcelona Collection. At only $949 (two seats), and $1,114 (three seats), we are offering a Barcelona bench replica that’s identical to the original design in a good variety of colors and configurations.

Specifications and features

Just like van der Rohe’s original Bauhaus-style creation, bench is crafted from Italian aniline and has a stainless steel frame that durably supports the walnut wood plank below the cushion. The panels and buttons are made from a single hide, to ensure top-grade quality. The panels themselves, they add, are cut and sewn individually and not a part of a single, large piece of fabric.

The cushions, logically, contain high-density foam which is wrapped in synthetic silk to allow for better breathing, and the Barcelona bench replicas are complete with braided thread with lockstitch that ensures every part of the piping stays in the place for years.

Which model should I choose?

You have four choices to consider when getting your Barcelona bench replica: black, white, two-seat, and three-seat. The Barcelona bench is not a hard item to pair, as it mostly makes its own space when you place it on a house. Keep in mind that this piece of furniture is smaller than most actually believe it is: you can barely fit a regular-sized person on it (perhaps two). It’s still going to take some space, so do your research first.

After you’ve found a place to put it, imagine how your living room, bedroom, or whatever space you’ve chosen is going to adapt to the Barcelona bench and make your purchase. The designs considered as originals are currently on sale for $6,000, so you know you’re saving some money (and more importantly, getting the good stuff).