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Styles say a lot. They are present in all artistic manifestations, in all expressive forms of the human being, in each intellectual creation, born of the inspiration, creativity, knowledge, and sensitivity of the minds that have dedicated themselves to reflecting different works over time. When it comes to the design and manufacture of furniture, these features are no exception. Each piece of furniture reflects in its features, in its style, in its aesthetics and even in its technical characteristics what are the trends and lifestyles of a certain era. The Barcelona Sofa is a clear example of that.

Furniture design styles echo past times, to a greater or lesser extent, depending on what type of furniture it is, the functions for which it’s intended, the prevailing trend, among other factors. For example, when the Barcelona Sofa was first presented in 1929 at the International Exposition in Barcelona, it turned out to be a cutting-edge, revolutionary design whose imprint remains until today. However, some features, such as scissors-shaped legs, are inspired by the Egyptian and Roman empires, that is, thousands of years old in style but adapted to the modern era. Check out the other designs available in our store to discover more wonderful examples of this trend.

Barcelona Sofa
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