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Barcelona Chairs

Source: Reclaim Magazine

If you’re a mid century modern buff, we’re sure you’ve spotted many furniture pieces in movies. But, today we’re going to talk about films and period drama television series where this iconic furniture piece has been featured.

The Barcelona Chair replica is so well-known nowadays, that it’s being reproduced worldwide, it has universal appeal.But considering it was designed back in 1929, it’s still an amazingly elegant and modern furniture piece, and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was of course the master 20th Century architect.

Tron Legacy 2010

Barcelona Chairs

Source: Decorsed

The movie set is as futuristic as you can be, featuring brightly colored LED lights and Space Age inspired furniture pieces. The image showcased above is a set shot of the Safehouse with clear acrylic tables and white Barcelona Chairs. This set exdes minimalism!

Casino Royale 2006

Barcelona Chairs

Source: Film and Furniture

Judi Dench and Daniel Craig spotted in the set of Casino Royale, an apartment with a stunning view showcasing a luscious light brown Barcelona designer chair. Doesn’t the brown chair blend perfectly with vintage inspired apartment?

Die Another Day 2002

In the movie set of Die Another Day, a black Barcelona Chair reproduction and ottoman can be seen in Dr. Alvarez’ office space on Isla de Los Organos during the meeting with Jinx. 

American Psycho 2000

Barcelona Chairs

Source: Upstaged by Design

I mean, who wouldn’t want to live in this minimalist bachelor pad? It’s so stylish! Besides, the pair or black chairs and ottoman look like a mid century modern masterpiece.

Did we miss any spotting in films or period drama series, mid century modern buffs? Please, tell us in the comments section below! Visit Barcelona Designs for the whole Barcelona Collection and other expertly crafted mid century modern furniture pieces.