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We all want that one chair. That one chair in the quaint corner. Our treasured spot. But it’s seldom easy to decide which one you want. What if it doesn’t fit in with the other furniture in the room? We all have the same worry. Therefore, we recommend the Barcelona Chair Replica by Barcelona Designs. An eternal showpiece, this replica, decorates homes beautifully. Owing to its classic design, the Barcelona Chair Replica by Barcelona Designs comfortably fits into any space – bedroom, living room or a home office.

Barcelona Chair Replica by Barcelona Designs – A chair that needs little or no introduction. Originally, designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich, this classic, often seen in movies, adorns hotels or big business establishments. A design intended for royalty, the Barcelona Chair has a charm like no other. A flair, that many fail to exhibit.

Barcelona chair replica

The Barcelona Chair Replica by Barcelona Designs, is the closest reproduction of the original that you will find today. Cushioned in full grain Italian leather, the Barcelona Chair Replica is available in four tones – black, brown, white and tan. For supreme comfort, single panels of leather upholstering the cushion are cut, tailored and tufted by hand. Patterning this luxury, are panels and buttons which are designed using a single hide, ensuring magnificence. The cushions are drafted in such a manner, that they adapt to the body of the Barcelona Chair Replica by Barcelona Designs.

The framework on which this model by Barcelona Designs is built using a single piece of the highest quality unabridged stainless steel. Wondering how that affects you? Well, it increases durability. Along with that, it also provides for stronger support and is immune to corrosion and rust. Also, the seat of Barcelona Chair Replica by Barcelona Designs is laid out in an angle creating a V – shape. Perfect for that little sloucher in all of us!  

Still not satisfied? Okay. Here’s more then!

The cushions eloquently rest on thick, high grade cowhide saddle straps, which are color coordinated with the upholstery of the Barcelona Chair Replica. This ensures added comfort to the chair, yet making it look sophisticated. Not something we get to experience very often!

Like we mentioned earlier, if you want a lounger, this is it. We love it! Never fails to complement other furniture in the room and almost instantly adds splendour to any space.

Barcelona chair pattern, tufting and hide straps

Barcelona Chair Replica

Price: $ 999.00

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