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The owner of a Barcelona chair must always be prepared to take care of it the proper way. It might be just a piece of furniture, but the people who really know anything about design understand that there’s always a need for these objects to be preserved in order for them to last longer.

If that’s too intense for you, then at least you can admit it’s a question of common sense. If you have a chair like that in your home, you clean it! At least once every two weeks. Take care of all your Barcelona Collection and we guarantee it will take care of you.

Best Tips to Care for your Barcelona Chair

Barcelona Chair

Understand the leather before you buy any products. The Barcelona chair started as a pigskin leather object and was later changed to regular cow leather. Suggesting a cleaning product might not be ideal, as your chair could be different from others. Ask the manufacturer about the upholstery and then think about buying cleaning products.

If you have a great replica, theirs is a very big chance it’s made from treated leather. This fabric won’t fade or crack over time as easy as more natural leather, but it will still decay. Try to keep it away from direct sunlight. You can cover it with a blanket when you’re not home.

If you’re going to use plain water and a cloth (don’t worry, we get it) at least try to dampen the cloth with a spray of water, instead of soaking it. You want the cloth to be humid so it can help you absorb the dust, but if it’s too wet, it will only damage the leather progressively.

Choose a good leather conditioner, think of it as aftershave: sometimes it seems like you don’t need it, but in the long run, you start seeing the effects of constantly having used it. Try to steer away from chemical formulas that contain mineral oil or petroleum.

Follow the above rules even when you get an accidental stain (e.g. wine, tomato sauce). Don’t use a lot of water, and keep your cleaning products at hand. Work on the stain before it dries out, but don’t expose the chair to a lot of heat. Clean it with care and you’ll see the results.