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Barcelona Chair in James Bond movie

The Barcelona Chair, like the many other mid-century modern pieces in our Barcelona Collection and in our Best Sellers, is an icon of luxury that constantly appears in movies and television sets in a variety of colors and decoration schemes. There’s only one constant: all of these places are for the wealthy.

Since 2000 alone, the Barcelona Chair has made an appearance in iconic movies such as American Psycho, at James Bond’s home in Casino Royale; among the vampiric youth of Twilight; as part of the home design of Bruce Wayne in Batman vs. Superman; it even made a brief cameo at the end of the sentimental 500 Days of Summer, it appeared dramatic in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close; and undercover in the spy thriller series Homeland.

When it comes to TV Shows, It’s hard to condense all of the appearances of the Barcelona chair in one article: they’re usually quiet corner seats, silently adorning luxurious offices and homes with their sleek, yet elegant look. Here are our top TV Cameos 5 iconic appearances in which the Barcelona chair is more prominent.

Better Call Saul

4 Barcelona Chairs and 2 Office Chairs in an Office Design in the TV Show Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul is a critically-acclaimed prequel to “Breaking Bad,” this TV show delves into the world of lawyers, con artists, and shady drug dealers in New Mexico. One of its main characters is Howard Hamlin (expertly portrayed by Patrick Fabian). His office features a 4-piece of pristine white leather Barcelona Chairs, neatly organized in two sets of two along with a couple of (also white).

The Bridge

The Bridge was a European TV show, currently available on many streaming platforms. There was an American remake that became successful in its own merit, but the original series features a plethora of mid-century furniture, including a wealthy country house with two black leather Barcelona’s, a single ottoman, and a Barcelona couch.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Two Barcelona Chairs in the TV Show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Comedies are not usually the place to go if you’re looking for mid-century furniture. However, there are some scenes containing a couple of beautiful Barcelona chairs in the TV show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt at a couple’s therapy office in season one, episode seven.


Barcelona Daybed,Table and Le Corbusier Sofa in TV Show Archer

Archer is an animated dark-comedy series that has given us plenty of looks at fictional renditions of mid-century modernist furniture. Adam Reed, the show’s creator, must really have a thing for them. Neal Holman, the set designer, has said that there is an “endless Cold-War era” vibe to the whole thing, and the recurrently appearing Barcelona chairs seem to be a part of that 1960s feeling. You can see other mid-century modern classics like the Barcelona Daybed.

Mad Men

You’d think that we would put Mad Men at the very beginning of the article, but the truth is that Barcelona chairs never made much of an appearance.