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Many elements make up the décor of an environment, and all of them have undeniable importance, from the smallest to the most obvious. The color palette, the furniture selection, and even the shape of the additional decorative elements play a key role in the overall visual effect that occurs after the decorating process is complete.

Especially attractive items can mean the difference between the original and the hackneyed. This is something that the Arco lamp’s creators were very clear about when they presented it to the world in 1962. The Castiglioni brothers knew that they were creating a unique lamp in their style, in an aesthetic, technical, and functional sense.

One of the reasons the Arco lamp draws so much attention in any area is because of its impressive stainless steel arch, which can measure up to 95 inches in height. This puts a lot of power on your living room’s image and on just about any area it’s installed in.

A Perfect Lamp For Perfect Environments

There are very faithful replicas of this model such as the Arco lamp replica from Barcelona Designs. It’s a product that represents the perfect example of how a single element can give an impressive touch of elegance and majesty to a compartment since it can be used in the bedroom, the living room, and even the dining room or kitchen.

An Arco lamp reproduction can be especially useful in compartments designed with an open-concept floor plan, and also in buildings with very high ceilings. After all, it’s one of the first lamps designed to provide overhead light, which was one of the most valuable technical innovations of its time.

The Italian duo wanted to add a special touch of meaning and class that would put their floor lamp in an even higher category than it would initially be. One of the most notable challenges encountered during the design process was the best way to balance and steady the lamp.

At first, they thought that a concrete base would probably be heavy enough, dense, and sturdy enough to form the lamp’s base. However, the concrete lacks the elegance and visual appealing that it needed. Besides, it’s a very rustic and ordinary material. It was then that they decided that a Carrara marble base would represent the ultimate feature for a product that was already a work of art.

In this way, the brilliant creators knew how to combine marble and metal in an exquisite way to deliver an invention that would become iconic in no time. It’s normal that if you ask someone with a lot of knowledge about the Mid-Century Modern style and the most famous lamps of that trend, the Arco lamp is the first or one of the first to be mentioned.

The Arco lamp is a product especially recommended for people who want to improve the task-based lighting of their environments. The fixture, if placed in a strategic location, can be a great support for lighting design and highlight the color scheme of an environment to take it to the next level.