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Eames La Chaise, how do you pronounce that? Whether it is pronounced “chase”, “chez” or “shays” we are all about this functional and versatile mid-century modern masterpiece.

We have always been a fan of the Eames La Chaise in terms of style and function, but we haven’t shared enough content about it. Trust us that once you have enjoyed lounging, reading, nap, or cuddle time in this chaise lounge chair, it is really hard to enjoy it anywhere else.

We recently pulled together a mid-century modern lounge chairs roundup, however, due to popular demand and request we figured it was time to talk a little bit more about our favorite Chaise by Charles and Ray Eames for your browsing and shopping pleasure.

However, before we get into it, there are a few tips to keep in mind before you bring one into your own home.

Not all chaise lounges are the same size nor does every room allow for a chaise lounge. The good think about the Eames La Chaise is that it’s a piece that can stylistically work within your modern decor and also will work with the scale of the rest of your furniture. If you have a larger room then the large size of the Eames La Chaise will go great with it. Whereas, even if you have a small scale apartment a sleek piece like this Chaise is perfect for it.

What is the Eames La Chaise?

The Eames La Chaise is a lounge chair designed by Charles and Ray Eames for the Museum of Modern Art’s 1948 “International Competition for Low-Cost Furniture Design.” Don’t let this endeavor fool you; the actual production of the Eames LA Chaise was held off until as late as 1996 because it was too expensive. Eccentric and otherworldly, the Eames LA Chaise defies conventions, with its incomparable shape, concave turns and edges with a hole lodged on the lower back. With its two sides peeking out at different elevations, the Eames LA Chaise makes extending your feet and arms an easy process. The unusual shape of the chair makes it uniquely beautiful though unrecognizable as a lounge chair. The uncanny composition of this chair may make your head spin in regards to finding an appropriate space to put them.

The History behind the Eames La Chaise

Originally designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1948 for a competition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, its form was inspired by “Floating Figure,” a sculpture by Gaston Lachaise. The Eames La Chaise took its name from the Gaston Lachaise‘s Floating Figure sculpture because the Eames believed the sculpture could perfectly fit into this lounge chair.

Its particular and voluminous scooped-out shape allows the person to sit and recline in different positions comfortably. The curved, generous and welcoming shape of the Eames La Chair not only allows it to take on different positions but has contributed to making the Eames La Chaise an icon of mid-century modern design. Combining this with the iconic look of this chair, you’ll have a little performance of art display in no time.

Initially, the Eames La Chaise consisted of two glass fiber shells, glued and separated by a rubber disc, with the cavity filled with polystyrene; the base of the Eames La Chaises consisted of five round metal bars, with wooden feet intersecting. But this design was expensive and resulted in high production costs. These high production costs kept the Eames La Chaise unavailable from the market for a long time. 

It would take over 40 years before the Eames La Chaise would actually be put into production. It wasn’t until the ’90s when many companies began to introduce the Eames La Chaise in their catalogs. Now with a lacquered polyurethane shell, chrome-plated steel rods, and oak feet. This means that the Eames La Chaise wasn’t part of the Charles and Ray Eames Portfolio during their lifetime. The Eames La Chaise was later included as it is known around the world, with such a great history and as a faithful reproduction of the original concept.

An original shape

The irregular, geometrically-defiant shape of the Eames La Chaise makes it a perfect pairing for other such irregularly-shaped pieces. Two amoeba-like, squiggly rugs do just the trick. Their wavy shape and white and brown hues match the aesthetic of the Eames La Chaise closely. They are perfect decorations for an otherwise standard living room. Add some more pizazz with the rounded ottoman, another unconventional piece within this living room. The wooden coffee table and wooden drawers are matching pieces that suit the wooden floor and the wooden base of the Eames La Chaise. Other unique pieces are the mesh ball chandelier and the abstract art frame, both of which utilize white accents that match the Eames La Chaise and its main hue.

With the addition of highbrow furniture pieces, especially loads of them, you can make your indoor space a stylistic haven. With a stool functioning as a side table, the room is given a majestic flair. Two lounge chairs and two furry ottomans up the stylistic factor. Although the sectional is in a light grey color, it adds on the color with various cushions that provide tinges of color to the mostly white space. The chandelier is a multi-network of lighting fixtures, gracing the room to a fuller extent. The drapes provide more color alteration while matching the light tones of the room. The wall art in this space comes in the common form of a painting and the eccentric black three-dimensional figures on the walls, which mimic the fiber optic look.

An artwork furniture piece

The Eames La Chaise complements the bibliophile in all of us. For home libraries, studies, or reading nooks, the La Eames Chaise fits in appropriately. It is both a comfortable option and as idiosyncratic as many books are. Think of it this way: a book takes you to new worlds; lounging atop the Eames La Chaise is chartering into a new world in its own right. 

The Eames La Chaise should be a kind of centerpiece, thus it sits nicely in the middle of a room instead of being cooped in a corner or beside a desk. This Eames La Chaise deserves its own side table, a white fiberglass piece with a Tulip Table-esque aesthetic. Add another whimsical chair and side table and your library will merit boasting. To complete a fully- decorated library, add a few more side tables or chairs and a few accessories. Notice that they needed not to take up space on the shelves, which are best left for books.

An Example Of Elegance

The Eames La Chaise proves to be a decent counterpart for many mid-century modern pieces. Matching the Eames La Chaise pieces like the Barcelona Chair plays well with the Eames La Chaise. Mainly, it serves as a piece of elegance, with its highbrow, Bauhaus aesthetic. This scenario exhibits a hybrid space with a dining area meshed with that of living space. The white chairs add more subtle elegance, matching the Barcelona daybed’s rectangular design.

What’s Next?

Now that you’ve learned everything you need to know about our Eames La Chaise, it’s your turn to take action and order yours today in our store.