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Every house owner wants to own a place full of comfort, luxury, and style. Sadly these things are usually achieved through professional interior designers that not everyone can afford.

But wait…

living room with luxorious details
Photo by Vecislavas Popa from Pexels

There is always another way! Affortunaly thanks to the internet and social media – which allow us to communicate in the easiest way- is very simple to find general tips and rules to follow when starting the design creation process.

Simple things like adding great luxurious furniture replicas such as the Barcelona chair replica or choosing the right color could make your house stand out in front of the others. So let’s dive into these tips.

Lighting, furniture and more tips to make your living room look expensive

Besides the kitchen, the living room is the most relevant space in the house. Why? Because is where life’s magic happens; you can receive guests such as family and friends, watching movies, eat special snacks and so much more. Also, it is the space that everyone sees when they come to your house. There are no limits when it comes to using the living room.

So, how can you make it look expensive?

Before explaining more about this special topic you should be aware of two important things:

Your color palette – If you don’t which to use or which one do you have, you should research a bit about it.

Your design style – Do you like mid-century, industrial or minimalistic? There are many more types and knowing which one you want will be really helpful in saving time when deciding what type of items to add.

After you have defined both, you can follow the tips below:

Invest in luxurious furniture such as Barcelona chair 

There are a variety of models from renowned designers that you can find at an affordable price. The best way to invest in them without breaking the bank is by acquiring replicas from trusted websites like Barcelona Designs, which offer a high-quality, luxurious look at a low price.

Add different lighting sources

Lighting can transform your home! Take a layered approach to light with different sources at different levels; Adding pendant lights or new lamps is the best way to create an interesting design. Take a look at these examples for inspiration:

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

Match your curtains

Curtains believe it or not can add a touch of personality to the home. Mix and match patterned and solid color curtains with your current palette, and make sure the textile patterns include or match your furniture colors.

Plus! An easy way to do this is by using curtains in different shades of the same color as your furniture. For example, if you have a black barcelona chair, you can add matching gray Cortains.

Add some paintings with exotic designs.

Try to have paint frames of the same material that is frequently found on your furniture. Taking the same example, if you have a barcelona chair, try to acquire an aiting with a steel structure.

Create a mirror walk

A very cheap trick to make a room appear bigger than it is!

Comment below which tips were your favorites!