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Here at Barcelona Designs, in the midst of our various furniture that ranges from the home, to the office to the outdoors, you’ve probably guessed that our number one best seller is none other than the Barcelona Chair. This mid-20th century chair is an iconic to both American furniture and that of the modernist movement overtaking both Europe and the Americas. Designed in 1929 by Ludwig van der Rohe, this fine leather chair has managed to stay relevant in today’s furniture scene, so much so that it’s become a celebrity in its own right. This stunner is not only one of our most renowned furniture favorites; it’s been cropping up all over pop culture and not just in popular furniture magazines. The Barcelona chair has been featured in some of the most successful films of the 2000s. Here are some stills from 9  heavy-hitter films that have featured the Barcelona Chair:

Tron: Legacy- 2010 Film

Iron Man 2- 2010 Film

Twilight- 2008 Film

Casino Royale- 2006 Film

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close- 201 Film

Role Models- 2008 Film

Down with Love- 2003 Film

500 Days of Summer- 2009 Film

Personal Taste- 2010 Korean Series