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Take Your Book & A Barcelona Chair To Face Quarantine

A Barcelona chair can be the best partner while reading, see why!

COVID-19 is the current epidemic worldwide, it has changed the way we used to live a couple of months ago in a matter of only days, from hanging with friends at lounges to enjoy party through zoom.

The isolation has affected every individual on the planet and is evident not everyone can face this radical change in the same way, in fact, the coronavirus epidemic is causing stress increase and anxiety. 

According to experts the symptoms of people include feeling overwhelmed, fearful, sad, angry, and helpless, In addition to the people who experiment difficult to sleep or concentrate, fear to contact others and so much more.

Those symptoms have in some way force people to occupy their brains with different activities such as dancing, yoga, learning new skills, and last but not least; reading!

Reading has definitely turned into an appreciated hobby, in fact, according to a CNBC news report in April/2020, “there was a whopping 777% increase in book purchases” in the first half of April as compared to the first half of March. 

That impressed increase let things very clear, proving that quarantined readers are consuming books in a matter of seconds!, yeah, I’m being a little over the top but you get my point.

Set your reading spot with a Barcelona chair

As the reading activity has increased a lot, it is of utmost importance to set the perfect area to enjoy your reading. This place needs to be a relaxing area where you can focus, have no distractions, and can concentrate on the activity you do, either reading, studying, and working.

The perfect spot varies from person to person because everyone has different tastes and necessities, but, in general, it should have a chair, -a lounge-type as a preference- a table to support the books or laptop in case you prefer e-books and a lamp in case you have no time in the day to read.

In the lounge categories, the Barcelona chair is one of the most recognized and iconic chairs included in this category, why? Well, it has a couple of reasons, we have placed the most important features that make the Barcelona chair in one of the smallest and gorgeous lounge chairs. 

Note: before dive into the Barcelona chair features we would like to mention that the ones placed below are the features for a Barcelona chair replica from Barcelona Designs. if you are interested in the original features of the chair you can visit sites such as Knoll.


Full-grain Italian leather.

Frame striking made of stainless steel.

High-quality materials which make the cushions to feel comfortable and warm.

The appearance of this chair will invite to sit and lost on the history of the books selected.

We have finalized this section here, comment below which is your favorite lounge chair to use while you red your favorite book!