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For enthusiasts and for no specialists, let’s talk about 7 different questions about the Barcelona Chair, the famous creation of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

Question 1. What is the Barcelona Chair?

The Barcelona Chair is one of the most popular and iconic chairs ever made. It was created in 1928 by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe as a part of the Barcelona Collection, a series of furniture items, where a Sofa, a Loveseat, a Bench, a Table, and an Ottoman are the other elements. The Barcelona Chair has an “X{Chromed frame of stainless steel that provides its iconic image and supports a squared comfortable black leather cushion. The Barcelona Chair is the primal item of the collection and the design of all the elements (sofa, loveseat, and the benches) are elicited by the Barcelona Chair. 

Question 2. What is so special about the Barcelona Chair?

Since its release in 1928, the Barcelona Chair was regarded as a breakthrough in the field of furniture and Interior Design, due to its experimental approach to materials, the priority of function over design, and its minimalist shape. The result of these principles in-game was a depurated, elegant and sober design. The Barcelona Chair is considered by many specialized scholars and media, as one of the most influential designs of the XX century.

Question 3. Is still the Barcelona Chair popular?

Yes. Actually, you can say that now is more popular than ever. Since the revival of the Mid Century Modern Style in the early 90s, the popularity and demand not only of the Barcelona Chair, but the entire catalog of the Barcelona Collection has only rose in sales and public acceptance. Even in movies and TV series (like the Blockbuster Casino Royale, or the awarded TV series Mad Men), the elegant and original shape of studio set ups of great style. Prior to the 1990s revival, the Barcelona Chair lived its greater popularity in the 1960s, in the heyday of the Mid Century Modern style, when it stared to be manufactured in America.

Question 4. Is the Barcelona Chair Expensive?

The answer is yes m yes and no. The furniture market has segmented into three categories when it comes to its price. There are low-cost stores, the original design houses, and the replicas’ store. In the Low-cost stores, you can find an imitation of a Barcelona Sofa for prices below even 500 USD. So yes, you will find cheap prices to solve an emergency need. But keep in mind that cheap doesn’t mean inexpensive. These superb low prices will come with more disadvantages than anything else. Low ends pieces have an awful, unfinished look. Low ends mean smaller measures, poor quality materials, and a very short term expectancy of functioning. You can see your beloved Barcelona Sofa crumbling after only six months of regular use. So, unless you have plans of buying your Low-cost Barcelona Sofa only for the portrait it in the living room without even use it, maybe that would be a good choice if you don’t mind of awful furniture.
When it comes to traditional Design Houses, historically, since the beginning of the Modernism, and Mid Century Modernism movements, there were traditional design houses with the license of manufacturing of these pieces. Usually, they charge costs of license and brand, so they have very large prices. If you buy a Barcelona Sofa from a design house, you will certainly get a high-quality product, but maybe the budget you reserve for this purpose can be used for several solutions in your home or smarter choices.
We dare to say that a replica is your smart choice. A replica is rendering of the original piece that follows the original design, committed to quality and true to the expectations of its original creator. With a replica, you can get an exact reproduction of the original piece with a high-quality standard, but unlike the traditional house, a replica store doesn’t pay a license for the exclusive use of the brand. It can provide you then of a high-quality product at an affordable price.

Question 5. What Style is the Barcelona Chair?

The Barcelona Chair was first released in 1928 by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, for that reason it was considered as part of the Modernism; nevertheless, the manufacturing in Germany of the Barcelona Chair, just like the rest of the Barcelona Collection had several setbacks until it started again in the 1950s in the United States. Since then, the Barcelona Chair and the Barcelona Collection are considered as classic part of the Mid Century Modern catalog. 

Question 6. Is the Barcelona Chair Comfortable?

The Barcelona Chair has squared leather comfortable cushions. Upholstered with aniline leather, the Barcelona Chair is comfortable due to its shiny, textured prime quality leather. Besides, each cushion surface features individually cut and sewn leather panels for optimum detailing, and they are made using High-Density Foam, wrapped in Synthetic Silk underneath the leather upholstery to allow airflow. This way you always feel comfortable every time you sit in.

Question 7. What is the Barcelona Chair Replica?

The Barcelona Chair Replica is the rendition of the original design made by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, attending the quality and manufacturing indications of the author. A Replica has the advantage of a high-quality design without paying the same as the original. The replicas market provides you a smart choice where a high-quality design can be obtained at affordable prices. 

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