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Are you redecorating your living room or some other space inside your home and receiving advice from a professional? If so, probably the first idea suggested covering the needs of interior lighting was to install a ceiling lamp. Ceiling lamps are usually very practical, well located and have an infinite number of very different models from which you can choose the most convenient. However, a floor lamp such as the Arco lamp may be the wisest choice to meet your interior lighting needs and here are six reasons that will help you understand it.

6 Valid Reasons to Choose The Arco Floor Lamp

1.- It’s not just a lamp. It’s also an amazing ornament of great beauty.

2.- You can move it to the spot you need it most inside your home, which makes it much more functional than a ceiling lamp.

3.- Its authentic Carrara marble base is a luxury piece that dazzles on its own.

4.- You can direct the light to the place where you need it most just by moving its reflective head.

5.- It’s an iconic and legendary piece, which is a plus of great impact for your living that cannot be measured.

6.- It works well and looks formidable both in spaces of the house of common use such as the living room and in other more private ones such as the bedroom or home office.

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