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The Eames Lounge Chair is world-renowned for its amazing attributes and wonderful technical features that have earned it enormous fame. From Hollywood celebrities to a large audience of middle-class people, everyone wants to include this model in their floor plan.

However, as with many other resources, when you have an Eames Lounge Chair at home, you know that you have something very valuable and significant in your hands, but you don’t know exactly the best way to take advantage of it and make it part of your spaces most appropriately and coherently, in an aesthetic as well as a functional sense. After all, you want your MCM décor to look its best by having among its components one of the most iconic models in the history of furniture design.

The following are five valid ways to integrate your Eames Lounge Chair with your modern spaces:

  1. Areas with neutral color palettes. The Eames Lounge Chair is famous for its versatility, and that includes a notorious variety of colors in which you can find the upholstery of its components available: black, white, brown, and cream are some of the most common hues. There are even models that have the seat and back upholstered with fabric. Pay attention to the color palette of your compartment before choosing the upholstery shade you want.
  2. Rooms with wooden floors. An Eames Lounge Chair can look spectacular in environments with hardwood floors. It can actually look good on any type of floor or carpet, but wood has a very particular aesthetic value that matches well with the chair’s wood veneers.
  3. Areas with rustic accents. Contemporary styles have gradually incorporated certain valid resources to make modern areas more interesting. Some people use rustic elements to give a compartment more dynamism and originality, such as a wall without paneling or pieces of furniture with an industrial look. Remember that your Eames Lounge Chair includes leather, wood, and metal in its structure, so it can look great in environments with rustic and industrial characteristics.
  4. Minimalist spaces. Never forget that “less is more”. At least if you’re a lover of minimalism and its aesthetic and functional advantages. Your trend is probably minimalist, especially if you’re attracted to the Mid-Century Modern style. Don’t add more to a room than it needs. If it’s a study or library that you are always or almost always the only person who uses it, an Eames Lounge Chair should be a sufficient seat for the area. You don’t want it to look cluttered.
  5. Modern outdoors. You’ve probably read it before, but it’s true: Charles and Ray Eames’ masterpiece is also suitable for outdoors such as decks, patios, and balconies. It’s the type of chair that you can fully enjoy in these types of environments and, at the same time, give them an amazing touch that no other piece of furniture can give it. Make sure your outdoors are dignified enough for your awesome chair.

Remember that you don’t need to invest a fortune in this piece since there are models such as the Eames Lounge Chair replica by Barcelona Designs, a product that closely emulates the original design’s characteristics. An Eames Lounge Chair reproduction is a spectacular alternative that you can successfully integrate into your décor.