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It goes without saying that the ideal way to style your Barcelona Table is complimenting it with the rest of the beautiful Barcelona Collection. But beyond that, we have come up with 5 Barcelona Table decorating tips that will create a perfectly styled Barcelona Table.

Remember: Less is More

Make sure you maintain balance on your Barcelona Table. A huge number of small objects make a table instantly look like cluttered and messy surface.

On the other hand, if you use large items your Barcelona Table can look heavy and cumbersome.

Keep your Barcelona balanced, mix the height of display items on it and remember Miers van der Rohe’s approach: Less is More.

Rotate Seasonal Decorations

Like your living room focal point, your Barcelona table is the perfect spot to rotate those decorative elements that are unique to any season.

For example, in spring use a vase of fresh flowers. In the fall, some pumpkin or gourd would be great. Nothing invites more to stay inside in winter than a stack of books on your Barcelona table. Finally, when summer comes, place a sea conch, or shell.

The Rule of Three

Along with the “less is more” approach, we are firm believes of the rule of three. Divide your Barcelona table into three separate sections. This will help you decide where things look best and what to put on each.

The rule of three holds true particularly for the Barcelona table, which is easily cluttered if not properly styled.

Be Practical

The Barcelona table will be the center of any social activity and party in your living room. Make it practical with functional baskets, stylish boxes of wooden catch-alls and have a useful place for all those remotes, coaster, keys and any other everyday items that would otherwise make your Barcelona table cluttered.

Style it Green

With its clear and neutral look, the Barcelona table is the perfect place to set a small and easy-to-maintain plant. Put it on the center of your Barcelona Table, which will highlight its colors, and you’ll get an effortless natural and lively look to any space.

Finally, consider your lifestyle. Thanks to this article, your Barcelona table may be expertly styled, but it won’t be functional if it doesn’t align with your life and what you need the table for. Tell us, how do you envision your own Barcelona Table display?