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Barcelona Designs has a very ample selection of mid-century modernist furniture, featuring classics from Florence Knoll, Mies van der Rohe, and the Eames couple, to name a few. The best-sellers selection is filled with goodies at a great price, but some items always fall behind, even though they could be the first choice for many stylish buyers.

If you’re one of these people, the ones that prefer digging deeper into a catalogue and finding just the right fit for your home or apartment, this article is for you. Here we have 5 snubs that didn’t make it to the best-seller list at Barcelona Designs, but that made it to our hearts and minds.

Florence Loft Sofa in Wool

Inspired by the genius home designer Florence Knoll, which created the eponymous furniture store along with her husband, this 3-seater couch is one of the most iconic (and comfortable) design trends that the mid-century modernist period left us.

You can get on oatmeal, orange tweed, or classic gray. Leather or fabric upholstery with a stainless steel frame that’s premium grade, and multi-density seat and back cushions. You can also consider purchasing the matching chair and sofa to complete the look!

The Womb chair

This is very surprising, but the Womb chair by Eero Saarinen is not currently listed among Barcelona Designs’ best-sellers. We’re here to correct that. First produced in the 60s, Saarinen designed the chair to try and provide a comfort that he believed people hadn’t experienced since birth.

This is another true-to-design reproduction that features excellent quality and craftsmanship. The price is only a fifth of what the original Womb chair by certified sellers will cost you. It is a very huge deal, given that this chair is probably second to the Eames lounger in comfort and fame.

The Shell chair

Why can see why this item is not usually listed among the best-sellers. It could be considered as one of the least comfortable on the catalog, which is a lot to say. It is definitely not uncomfortable, but rather held back by its design, originally conceived by Hans Wegner.

Wegner’s style is truly not for everyone, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad, quite the opposite. The Shell chair is a total showstopper, and once you sit on it, you’ll notice how it just fits your body and posture. Wegner was primarily concerned with function (over physical form), so you’ll definitely get a kick out of trying it.

The storage catalog

Featuring a lot of cool sideboards, chests, and drawers, the storage catalog by Barcelona Designs is usually overlooked, which is why we include it as a general snub on this article. Take a look and you won’t be disappointed.

Lighting choices

Last but not least, get yourself some cool lamps! The mid-century modernist style is not limited to seating and tables, there are a lot of lighting choices that can complement and improve your space, but sadly, almost none of them made it to the top-selling list, apart from the Arco Lamp.