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We’re certain it needs no introduction. An icon. An idol. A class apart. We love it so much that this entire post is dedicated to it! Look at the name to start with! Yes, we’re talking about the Barcelona Chair. The one and the only.

Existing for almost a century, the Barcelona Chair still looks just how it did when it was first created. This classic, dissimulates “less is more” thoroughly. Decorating your living or working space, the Barcelona Chair ideal for your home or office. Described as an icon of the modern movement, the Barcelona Chair could easily attribute an array of its replicas in the market to the adoration it’s received.

For those of you stumbling across the blog, with little or no information on the Barcelona Chair, below is a list of five things to know about the Barcelona Chair. And for those of you who know all about the chair, nevertheless, you can read it too!

Designed for Royalty

The Barcelona Chair, incipiently was designed for royalty. Created by  Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and his lover Lilly Reich, the Barcelona Chair was designed for the German Pavilion of the International Exposition in 1929. Considering there would be Spanish royalty present at the event, Rohe wanted to have a stately chair for the then rulers King Alfonso XIII and his wife Ena, in case, they were tired after walking through the exposition.

Horse of Another Color

Rohe was different and you could see it from his designs. Inspired by the Romans and Egyptians, Rohe was particularly fascinated by the concept of Egyptian folding chair and the Roman folding stool which was extensively used then. While pushing for perfection, Rohe further developed the design of the Barcelona Chair in 1950 when he built the frame of the chair on a single piece of stainless steel, making it seem harmonious. Alongside, he also replaced ivory-colored pigskin with Bovine leather.

Money ! Money!

It is an expensive buy. We wouldn’t deny it. But there is a reason for it. When Ludwig Mies van der Rohe handed the production rights to Knoll, he was particular about it being made exactly as stated by him. Having known that the Barcelona Chair comprises of 40 individual panels, it is imperative for you to know that sewing up the cushions together takes more than 28 hours! Each of the 17 leather straps supporting the cushions, are made of cowhide belting leather. Last but not the least, each chair has the signature of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Knoll logo engraved.

White Elephant

The original Barcelona Chair by Knoll is often considered to be a white elephant. I mean, if you’re going to buy something for almost $6000, wouldn’t you think twice before curling up? Many of us, would only keep it for “those special occasions”. This, is one of the main reasons for a sudden surge in the replica market for Barcelona Chairs. And, they certainly aren’t bad.

Color Options

Owing to its ability to mould itself to seem fitting with any furniture it is placed around, it was only fitting  to have the Barcelona Chair available in many different color options, ensuring it further accentuates the room. With a plethora of color options to pick from for the Barcelona Chair, you are certain to get what you’re looking for.

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