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The holidays are coming! You’re probably thinking about moving somewhere for a short period, maybe finally visit New York City, or someplace in Europe. You’re a furniture lover, so you would prefer a homelier space, rather than a hotel room, so you’re thinking about Airbnb.

Here are five Airbnb’s that are currently touting the ubiquitous Barcelona chair. They know just how valuable it is as a furniture object so they’re even advertising it everywhere on their listings. If you’re still unsure about where to go for the holidays, why not consider one of this mid-century modernist havens?

Las Vegas – Loft

Who doesn’t want to go to Las Vegas? I mean, we’ve all imagined ourselves hitting the big casinos or staying at one of its luxurious hotels, those enormous skyscrapers with thousands of tourists and fun enthusiasts, while looking at the beautiful city lights? Here’s your chance to do just that and also, when you’re finished, sit on a pristine, white-clad, leather Barcelona chair in a very stylish living room.

Nijmegen, The Netherlands – House

A quieter, cozier holiday for nature lovers. The Netherlands might just be one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Right in the heart of Nijmegen, on the Gelderland province, there is an Airbnb from the mid-1930s, furnished with lots of wood, modernist chairs and tables, and another white Barcelona chair in one of the spare rooms, right next to a comfy bed.

Los Angeles – House & Garden

This huge property might be better suited for longer stays. It has a very large living room filled with all sorts of pillows, distributed among a variety of seating choices. A very long coffee table stands in front of a just-as-long sofa, and there is a classic, black leather Barcelona chair waiting for you right on the other side. One look at those photos and you’ll be buying tickets faster than you can think about it.

San Francisco – Apartment

The owners describe their space as “artsy,” but we have another word of it, and that’s “modern.” Maybe a little bit “minimalistic” even? The apartment is perfect for young couples on vacation, looking to enjoy everything this beautiful city has to offer. Everything is sleek, clean, white, black, or wooden: a modernist person’s home design dream. The black Barcelona chair is right there, but wait, is that a Barcelona ottoman? Really impressive.

Brooklyn, New York City – Private room

Last but not least, here it is. We promised we’d take you to NYC as well! This is a very small space, proof that the Barcelona chair fits any and everywhere. You get a comfy corner bed with a desk, what seems to be a sort of Eero Arnio chair on wheels, and a black leather Barcelona chair all to yourself. Quite the deal if you ask me.