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From our point of view, it is very hard to think about pushing the sale of a Barcelona table replica (they practically sell themselves). After all, anyone who has a hint of what actual design entails will appreciate it as a piece of furniture (and let’s not get started with fans of mid-century modern style!).

Barcelona Table

However, we know that the table is not for everyone, and that people tend to wonder about the usability of the object itself. It looks gorgeous, yes, like a sculpture, but is it the right choice for my living room? What can I put on it? How safe is this table? We know you have questions, so we’ve rounded up five great reasons why should get a Barcelona table replica.

  • It looks great everywhere

The Barcelona table will look great in almost any kind of space: neutral color palette? It fits. Wooden interior? It also fits. Large living room? Perfect. Small living room with only a couple of chairs? Awesome. Its ubiquitousness doesn’t make it hard to place, but rather the crown jewel of any room, especially when accompanied by other items in the Barcelona Collection.

  • It is actually one of the most resistant tables out there

Think about what a coffee table is and how it is constructed. Most regular coffee tables have short, skinny legs and thin panes, designed to give that sense of sleekness that everybody wants. The Barcelona table can look a little bulky on the top, but that’s because it’s crafted with a thick, chip resistant piece of glass. Harder to knock over, to scratch, and to break. This table will last forever, especially when you consider the thin, yet strong stainless steel frame.

  • It’s kid friendly

The original design makes it so that the edges of the glass are thick and tapered. There are no sharp edges to this table, nothing that would endanger a small child (though you should always be careful around kids and glass items). Besides, did we mention that it would be pretty hard to break the pane at the top?

  • It has its own personality

The Barcelona table replica is one of those items that everyone can have on their homes because it doesn’t belong to a particular style of décor (but it does belong a to a particular design style, which is mid-century modern). The Barcelona table replica is so artistic that it can signify a style on its own and doesn’t need for you to change everything around the house to include it.

  • It is affordable (and elegant)

We don’t want you to go and purchase one of the infamous knockoffs that have been going around lately. There are many quality reproductions of the table that you can get for an affordable price. Barcelona Designs offers the best quality at a price that’s far from that of the original version, but still maintains the quality by following manufacturing specifications down to the last detail.