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Nothing can reach the maximum level of class and sophistication quite like the Eames lounge chair replica. Nothing, except perhaps for the pieces in our Barcelona Collection or our Best Sellers

Although the Eames Lounge Chair is one of the foremost pieces to have sprung out of the midcentury if not single one chair that defined it; the Eames lounge chair replica is a key chair to sustain that classic midcentury modern look.

This aesthetic has remained influential in the present, despite hailing from the early-mid 20th century. The Eames lounger’s genuine leather and wooden veneer makeup give it an air of avant-garde futurism while maintaining a kind of harmony between these two materials. Below are some examples of how to enliven your home with our fabulous Eames lounge chair reproduction.

Eames Lounge Chair in Beige

Eames Lounge Chair

Neutral colors such as beige often make up the themes in living rooms. In this setup, the floors, the walls and the bench each feature a different shade of beige that creates a complementary setting for light brown tones, while the windows are framed with a classic brown color. With beige overtones, this large room seems to have no more for other colors. That is, no more except for the beautiful black luster of the Eames lounge chair’s leather. Small additions of black can be seen in the back of this living area, or the backing living room, as it appears that this large space has two living areas.

The Eames lounge chair provides a contrast to the beige hues while retaining harmony in the room, as black creates a universality that can be used in relatively any space. It also provides an alternative seating option, as soft, woolen-like couches make up the majority of the seating. With the Eames lounge chair replica, this living space would appear in lack of something or too much of a plain Jane.

Eames Lounge Chair in a Loft Apartment

Eames Lounge Chair

The brick floors and wall are not the only attributes that make this living space unique and stylish, though they sure are rare. This living room is a designer’s dream, with bright colors, beautiful furniture and various tones, hues, and patterns co-existing in perfect harmony. A greater amount of contrasting pieces is more difficult to configure without clashes. This room, however, works in its use of variance, partly due to the Eames lounge chair replica.

The Eames lounge replica is composed of black leather upholstery and a dark base, which not only are universal, as aforesaid but compliment the darker tones in this room nicely, including the black bench on the right with its fuzzy pillow. The light orange urn adjacent to it blends nicely with the other orange hues found in the chair, vase, cushions and of course, the brick layout. This room also features the Arco lamp replica, an arching floor lamp with a shiny chrome finish.

From this angle, it looks like a large, metallic flower stamp or a lanky spout from a kettle, leaning into “water” the couch and coffee table. Though the rug is patterned, it is mainly white, matching the white of the sofa. Four pieces of wall art augment the playful feel of this room, while the Eames lounge chair provides a unique lounging experience in this idiosyncratic space.

Eames Lounge Chair in the Bedroom

Eames Lounge Chair

Giving bedrooms a boost of midcentury beauty, the Eames lounge chair replica fits right in. Beds should be left for sleeping and the Eames lounge chair provides a wealth of comfort without having to turn back to your bed. This white Eames lounge chair replica complements the white pillows and the slightly white rug.

This bedroom has a high concentration of furnishings and stylization in the bed area and the wall the bed is attached to, thus, the Eames lounge chair replica spreads the attention away from this area, balancing out the furniture concentration in the room. Configured on the bed’s right side, the Eames Lounge chair leaves enough space between itself and the bed, while embellishing the right side which would otherwise be massively bare.

Eames Lounge Chair in a Nursery

Eames Lounge Chair

The Eames lounge chair replica even sits well in nurseries or rooms for very young children. It may seem unorthodox, but the Eames lounge chair, as a haven for relaxation, makes a great seating option for nursing a baby or mainly spending time with a newborn. With an Eames lounge chair in place, you won’t want to leave the baby’s room and there will be no need to.

The Eames lounge chair, in its luxe composition and masculine tones, is surprisingly not out of place or touch in this nursery. All it needs is a bright throw pillow and this setup features two, including one fuzzy pillow, perfect for a youngster.