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With its luxurious curves and comfortable texture, is hard to resist the temptation to sit on a Pelican Chair. This staple of design will enhance your living room without doubt, but as it happens with many masterpieces, you will get the most of this masterwork,  with just a few tips, based on what a good interior designer would say.

A superb accent chair.

As you sure have noticed already, the Pelican chair is not a conventional chair. It is big.  It challenges volume, with its contoured shape and usually with strong colors. That converts the Pelican Chair into a superb accent chair. Its made to create contrast and take the focal point where is displayed. So, you will need a large living room or hall to display it properly.

Eclectic and Modern.

With such a solid presence, is convenient to identify the more suitable interior styles for your beloved Pelican Chair. Designed by Finn Juhl in 1939, and exhibited in 1940, the Pelican Chair has a natural bond with Modernism.  It has a revolutionary design that aligned it with the new shapes and challenges of the time: Less ornament, more emphasis on functionality, and the exploration of new materials. And the Pelican Chair fits in the Modern view in its own terms: Although it has a renovation proposal, at the same time it defends beauty and aesthetics. Finn Juhl, who wanted to become an art historian at a young age,  arrives at the world of furniture with the vision of an artist, instead of an architect or engineer. At the same time, Eclectic styles of decore may benefit from the colorful, comfortable, and modern shape of the Pelican Chair.

Pair it.

What is better than one Pelican Chair? Two definitely. If your room dimensions are good enough, go for the pair. And you will have a fantastic, comfortable living room. Keep in mind that you must allow some internal space to circulate and walk easily.

Contrast it.

A chair with this dimension cannot go unnoticed, so is better to get the most of its presence. Take note of your room rug and curtains color, to look for a great contrast. Pick a unique upholstery color to stand out above the rest of your furniture.

The beautiful creation by Finn Juhl may cost a lot in an original presentation, but with Barcelona Designs you have the opportunity of experience a wonderful piece of modern furniture, like a high-quality Pelikan Chair KnockOff for the fraction of an original.

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