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The Barcelona Loveseat Replica is a modified version of one of the most beloved objects to ever make an appearance in the world of home design. Created by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich in 1929, the Barcelona chair (which served as inspiration for it) was originally intended as a seating for Spanish Royalty.

Barcelona Sofa

Fast forward almost 90 years later and the Barcelona chair (as well as the loveseat and the entire collection), rather than losing its appeal, has become one of the last enduring monoliths from the beginnings of the mid-century modernist period. It is probably one of the oldest surviving Bauhaus designs that you can still find as a brand new object in many houses today.
That’s great and all but, will the loveseat fit my apartment?

This is a question many people ask themselves when they look at the Barcelona loveseat replica, as it is bigger than the Barcelona chair replica. The truth is that it will most likely fit any type of space. If you’re buying a true-to-design replica, your chair will most likely be an average of 50 inches wide and 30 inches long, which is only about 40% bigger than the original chair Most couches are well over a meter and a half in length, so if you’re planning to include one of these in your home, you’re probably good to go. Don’t think about it too much. What’s left now is figuring out how to make the most of this gorgeous piece of both modern and classic design. Here are three ways to do it properly:

1. Two loveseats with a table between them

Surely you’re now imagining two Barcelona loveseats facing each other, probably with a nice looking coffee table in the middle. You can do this if your apartment is very small (studio size, most likely). If your space is a little bigger, why not set them closer together to create an elegant space for conversation? Set them both diagonally and put a small side table between them. You can also set a coffee table in front of the ensemble and play around a little with the overall alignment.

2. As a corner chair

Quick note: We know these chairs are expensive. Your best bet is to find yourself a great replica, such as the one sold by us, which is less than $2,000. Remember how small the loveseat actually is: it would serve you better as a reading chair (accompanied by a floor lamp) in a quiet corner of your living room, or even your bedroom (though in that case you would really need a bigger bedroom).

3. As a place for unwinding

Back to your bedroom now. The loveseat is probably too small for you to sleep on it, but its big enough to become a counterpart to your bed: somewhere you can properly relax without laying down and falling asleep. Think about how it would work in front of your bed, either facing it or in front of it, or right next to it (if you have a corner bed, twin size).