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We’ve written a lot about the Eames Office chairs in order to convince you that we have the best replicas in the market. These ubiquitous objects really provide your workspace with a timeless elegance that most people won’t be able to get from office chairs, or even other Eames Office chair replicas. Barcelona Designs is really concerned with making these replicas the best in the market, and we have being doing this for a very long time. Now, we have said a lot about their history, but we want to give you 3 facts that you might have missed from the manufacturing and production that you might have missed.

You should remember that the Eames Office chair replicas that we produce come from four models created in 1958 (ribbed designs) and later in 1969 (soft pad designs). These four chairs are part of our best-selling of office chairs and overall mid-century modern furniture, which also includes the Arco Lamp replica, the Womb chair replica, and the Eames Lounge chair replica, among others.

The first models were adapted from another chair

The Time Life chair from 1961 was actually the first chair that the Eameses would later adapt into the Eames Office chair. Though the idea for the ribbed design models is a few years older, the Time Life chair from 1961 would serve as the design base for these chairs, given that their primary use was meant to be for home spaces.

The first models created the modern concept of a task chair

Nowadays, you might be very familiar with the term task chair when it is used to describe and office chair, usually with casters, that people use in a work environment. If you work at an office, you will probably sit on a task chair, as opposed to other kinds of office chairs with different names; an executive chair, for example, which has a larger back. The Eames office chairs were the first chairs to coin this term for its usage in the workplace.

They were initially intended for home use

The Eames Office chairs were initially intended to grace the terraces of the house of J. Irwin Miller, a wealthy American industrialist. These chairs would not only be intended for home use but also for outdoor use, even though they were also perfect for indoor use, as most outdoor items can be. Nowadays it would be hard to imagine an office chair being used outdoors, as it might not be able to appropriately resist direct sunlight and the elements, but the first Eames office chairs were meant to do that.

We’ve covered the rest on our previous articles on the Eames office chairs. Our replicas follow the same manufacturing practices that gave birth to the original designs, and you can see that for yourself if you choose to purchase one. We can only guarantee a great deal of quality, but the elegance and timelessness of the design comes from the genius of Charles and Ray Eames themselves.

To learn more about these chairs, do not hesitate to call or send us an email. There’s a lot that we want to share with you about what makes the Eames Office chair replicas great, and how they can help you improve your office or home workspace. No matter where you put them, they always shine and draw away the competition. These chairs are an incredible testament of the value of great design, as well as the value of the mid-century movement as a whole. We have a lot of discounts going on right now, so this is your chance to get one of them!