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Leather is one of those materials that usually looks good in almost any design in which it’s used, whether in clothing, accessories, props, and of course, furniture. However, it’s also known for requiring a very particular type of care. The Woodrow Box Sofa is manufactured with a special type of leather known as Semi-Aniline. This material requires even more special care so that it doesn’t lose pigmentation and its characteristics.

Woodrow Box Sofa
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3 Forms of Keeping Your Semi-Aniline Clean

1.- Don’t use household cleaning products or other chemicals made for other uses. Get a product that is especially for this type of surface and follow its instructions very well.

2.- Before trying a product that you’re not sure if it should be used on the semi-aniline, apply a little on the least visible part of the furniture and on a fragment as small as possible on the surface to check if it causes any type of damage or discoloration.

3.- If a drink has been spilled on the furniture, the best recommendation is to clean it with dry or slightly moistened paper towels. Don’t rub the Semi-Aniline. Let the paper absorb the liquid and then remove it gently.

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