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There is a great market of replicas in Mid Century Modern Style furniture, with lots of options in models, styles and quality. Nevertheless, Barcelona Designs offer the best relation Quality-Cost-Experience for you. Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons to prefer our Barcelona Chair Replica over any other choice.

  1. A Low-End Chair doesn’t mean a cheaper chair.  How do you obtain a low-cost Barcelona Chair? Low ends, a smaller measure, bad quality leather (if any), a hollow frame (Yes, it happens), low-cost foam…The recipe for disaster. A cheap Barcelona will cost you a fortune if you think in its poor comfort, and low expectancy of life. Low-cost chairs may last 6…months on average before it starts to lose luster and begins to deteriorate. The final result is a chair where you won’t be able to sit or you just won’t like to seat on, just the sixth month. 
  2. A High End, Original chair from a traditional design house could have a cost of 7,000 USD. You will have a product of outstanding quality, for sure, but maybe at this level start to wonder if that amount of investment is necessary for other segments of your decor. How much of that price is going to marketing costs and licenses of use?
  3. A fair cost chair is the one that is not afraid to use the best possible material, and the best leather, in order to obtain the best result.  This doesn’t mean then that high-quality design should cost the same amount of a Design House. By reducing costs in marketing, Licenses, Barcelona Designs can offer you a very affordable high-quality chair.

But there is a definitive reason to prefer a Barcelona Chair Replica of Barcelona Designs: Our strict attachment for Design. All our furniture is made following carefully all the original details from its creator, to guarantee you the best experience, just with the same passion it was dictated years ago for the masterminds of the Mid Century Modern Style period.

Source: Claddings.com