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The Eames Lounge Chair masterfully combines the nostalgic comfort of an old baseball mitt with a sleek, modern design that continues to distinguish this classic, authentic design among all other famous furniture pieces. This Mid-Century Lounge Chair and Ottoman are internationally recognized icons that introduce comfort and style to interiors everywhere

The Eames Lounge Chair is probably the most iconic and recognized representations of mid-century organic modernism. Originally designed by American husband and wife Charles and Ray Eames, Barcelona Designs is proud to offer a faithful reproduction of this masterpiece, made following all original specifications.

We’ve compiled several common questions asked by our customers in order to help you feel more trust when buying our high-quality Eames Lounge Chair replica.

Eames Lounge Chair

Where is our Eames Lounge Chair replica made?

We have our own manufacturer in China. The aniline leather is sourced from Italy while the wood from Brazil and Canada. Each Eames Lounge Chair replica is assembled by state-of-the-art craftsmen in China.

What Are The Differences Between The Leather Grades?

Both our Aniline and Italian Leather are luxury-grade, full-grain, high-quality and extremely durable leather choices. While aniline leather is shinier and darker, the Italian leather as a matte finish. Aniline Leather is less treated, and thus, more natural and soft. Only 5% of hides are eligible to be used for aniline. 

Our leatherette choice is also full-grain with a matte finish but is not real leather. This is an environment-friendly choice. For more information on all the available choices in plywood veneers and leather upholstery, check out this blog article.

Is there any assembly required?

While other replicas you find online come with over 30 different parts that you need to put together, our Eames Lounge Chair comes 90% assembled. It will probably take you between 10 and 15 minutes to assemble the remaining 10%. All required tools and instructions are included in the box.