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As any decor enthusiast knows, Mid Century Modern is characterized by the preeminence of great figures. Not only designers but, architects and artists. Florence Knoll, a key name of the design scene in the XX century, even argued that the great pieces of furniture in the XX Century were created by architects. Let’s take a look at three great names widely acknowledged as Mid Century Modern leaders:

Isamo  Noguchi
Idamo Noguchi created the Noguchi Table

Isamu Noguchi (1908-1980).

Designer of one of the most universal center tables all over the world, the Noguchi table. Based on the premise of biomorfism , the naturally interlocked wood pieces under a rounded glass top are a universal standard of beauty, functionality, and elegance. Noguchi had a particular raising (Born in L.A., raised in Japan and educated in Europe and the United States), and one unique vision of sculpture and the landscaping world. Though it started originally as an interior sculptor with works like the AP Pavilion in the Rockefeller Center, he shifted progressively to the landscape design with works like the Sunken Garden in the Chase Manhattan Plaza. Besides the Noguchi Table, in Interior Design Noguchi created the Cyclone Table and the Akari Lamps.

Eero Sarinen
Eero Designed the Barcelona Daybed

 Eero Saarinen (1910-1961)

One of the true masters of furniture in the XX century, Saarinen is the creator behind legendary pieces, just like the Tulip Table and Chairs; and the Womb Chair. Architect of remarkable works, such as the Arco Gateway in Missouri, and the School of Law of the University of Chicago, he managed to establish a long term relationship with Knoll, where he was a prolific creator. Saarinen is actually the son of a very prestigious Finland Architect, Eliel Saarinen, and he was born  Kirkkonummi, Finland in 1910, dying in Michigan, United States. He died of brain cancer in Arbor Michigan, in 1961. Speaking about the Tulip Table, he once stated that he was pleased to release the world of the chaos caused by legs under the tables around the world.

L Mies van der Rohe

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886 – 1969)

 One of the pioneers of Modernism and the Mid Century Modern, van der Rohe has in its pocket creations like the Barcelona Chair and the Barcelona Daybed, all part of the Barcelona Collection. Architect of definitive works of the modern urban landscape of Chicago, like the Seagram Buiding and the IBM Plaza, van der Rohe coined several quotes that had a profound impact in the Architecture and reached even the popular mainstream, like “Less is more” or “God is in the details”. Born in what was prior known as Aquisgran, Prusiam in 1886, he died in Chicago Illinois as an American Citizen with a brand new name. 

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